Ten “Dos” and “Don’ts” of Starting a Destination Business


By Ivona Ercegovic’/Tree-Elements

Starting a business is never easy, it requires a lot of planning, research and whole bag of optimism. But having a clear objective and some tips aside can take you long way. Destination business is not just a product, something tangible. In addition to build on your promise, you provide experience. And sometimes that business is just you. Your whole heart, soul, dreams, future… That is why , research is everything.

Since you have to start somewhere, why not start with these easy-to-follow tips.


Be patient
Even though you planned on things, just remember the year 2020. You have to take into consideration that the market is changing, prices go rocketing up or down, viruses can show up and ruin something while an earthquake can stop everything. You just need to go alongside whatever happens and never lose the optimism because the one who needs to believe in this the most – is you.

Love it
If you do not care for your business, how do you that from the others? There needs to be passion for something you are doing or trying to achieve. When genuine to yourself and to the business, you are genuine to the people. They will recognize it and appreciate it. In destination business you are the product. You need to cherish that, not abuse it and try to inspire with that.

Make an Exceptional Business Plan
No matter are you handing it out to banks, possible investors or even nobody, you should have one. It will help you see a clearer picture, give you numbers you can work with and definitely help you understand things better. Budgeting being number one.

Have Some Money Aside
Never pour last cent from your own pocket into something. You should always (and I mean, always), have some money aside for if and when you might need it most.

Choose a Charity
Why build a business merely for profit? Especially in this day and age. If there is something you strongly advocate and you want to make a difference, the advice is to just do it. There is no better way than representing values of a business if those values truly resonate with your own self. Giving a percentage of the profit to those in need or inviting the organizations to come to your destination is the thing to do.


Don’t Rush It
It will get you nowhere. Similar as number one above, but we need to make this crystal clear. There are some things you cannot control and you need to acknowledge that on the beginning of your journey. Do not push things, sometimes things do happen for a reason. You just need to be reasonable enough to know how to recognize those events.

Don’t Quit Your Job
Extra cash can always be helpful and since nobody can guarantee you will succeed, it is good to have a B plan. To know what to do if everything stops.

Don’t Pay Anyone in Advance
You will be left with nothing and poor execution of what you really wanted. Or even worse – no execution whatsoever because some of the contractors might take the money and run. Always have everything on paper, play it safe and never make promises you cannot deliver.

Don’t Do Everything on Your Own
It is absolutely no shame in asking for help, whether paid one, as a favor or just as feedback. Feedback can help you look at things objectively and that is crucial when starting something you are emotionally attached to. 2 heads are always better than just one, remember?

Don’t Forget Your “Why”
Even when things start to fall apart, you have to keep on going. There is only one captain of your boat. As long as he knows for what he is fighting for, he will never leave the boat.

If you are starting a destination business just for the sake of it, then think twice. But if you tick some of the boxes, more chances are, your business will become a success. Do not expect it will be a success over night, but, if you plan it well and you strongly believe in it, it will get you where you want to be!

By Ivona Ercegovic is Founder/Host of www.Tree-Elements.co. For more information on her unique Retreat-Yoga-Wedding Destination, you can email Ivona at ivona@tree-elements.co


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