Take Charge of Your Marketing By Creating a Schedule


By Amy Olivieri, Regional Development Director, Constant Contact
If you’re like me, you have a few favorite TV shows you watch regularly. And even though, thanks to my DVR, I don’t need to watch them at the time they originally air, I know exactly when I’ll be able to look for them in the queue.

If you’ve been creating marketing content without a schedule, you could be missing out on a  very powerful phenomenon: when people know when to expect the things they like, they look forward to them… and when they’re not there they take notice .

Why is a regular schedule powerful?
Just like a TV show, you’re able to promote something specifically. This allows you to generate interest and warm people up for the bigger conversation you’re planning. Your marketing becomes more focused and engaging, which is exactly what works in the social media space.

The key is to choose schedules you can stick with. If the following suggestions don’t work for you, adjust as necessary, but commit to whatever schedule you choose.

  1. Post to your blog at least once a week, same day, same time. You may want to experiment at first with the exact times to see how your audience responds.
  2. Email your list at least once a month. Experiment with days and times, then stick to something consistent.
  3. Update your Facebook Page status at least once a day. Experiment with the different times to find out when you get the most engagement.4. Update Twitter at least three times a day. You don’t always need to create the content you share. Find interesting links from those within your industry, and include a comment with your point of view.

Choose a schedule, and remain consistent with it. Then you’ll be on your way to creating fresh content that helps you get and keep more subscribers, more readers, more fans, and more followers!


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