Why Should I Advertise In Your Magazine?

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Quality Publication

Small Business Today Magazine publishes quality articles and interviews of successful business owners that educate, inform and inspire small business owners to achieve their desired level of success.  Now is a great time to be in business for yourself and that message is relayed to our readers by showing them just how many resources exist to assist every small business owner in getting the absolute most from your business.

The printed magazine is of the highest quality featuring an 8 ½ X 11 book with sleek UV coated covers and heavy stock inner pages.  The aesthetic feel of the magazine make it an ideal coffee table piece, but most importantly thousands of readers will depend on the content and stories of the magazine for their monthly study.


Small Business Today Magazine is a business culture publication that is locally focused on how business is done in your market area.  We keep the small business person informed of marketing, networking and educational events that are happening in their area that will positively affect their businesses.


Small Business Today Magazine only features articles, advertisers and business owners that operate with the highest levels of integrity in their business dealings.  Our readers will use Small Business Today Magazine as their resource for finding qualified persons for which to do business with and we will do our part in assuring that the businesses featured in Small Business Today Magazine have been vetted as meeting the professional quality standards that we have set for this publication.


Small Business Today Magazine is distributed digitally to small businesses with a net worth less than $15 million dollars and typically do less than $10 million in annual sales.   Our print publication is distributed throughout select locations in the city and is available for paid subscriptions if the reader would prefer a print magazine mailed to their home or office each month.  Small Business Today has a current monthly print run of 10,000 magazines.  The digital edition of the publication is emailed each month to 53,000 subscribers.

We Become Your Media Partner

Small Business Today Magazine is unlike any other publication whereby you advertise and hope that your advertising money does something positive for your business.  When you advertise with Small Business Today Magazine, we immediately play an active role in the success of your business, product and service by adding more value to your advertising dollars that are spent with us.  In addition, all advertisers are invited to appear on our Small Business Today Magazine Talk Show which airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4- 5 p.m. on the SBT Magazine Radio Network via

To find out how we actively work with you to increase your marketing results call our business office at (832) 460-2020 to set up a 15 minute appointment with one of our media consultants today.