Eliminating Your Obstacles


by Four-time Olympian Ruben Gonzalez

Success is about getting from point A to point B.
It’s about knowing where you are and knowing where
you want to end up. Success simply means you set
a goal and you reached it.

Success is simple but not easy. Most people
allow fear of failure to keep them from even attempting
to pursue their dreams. They don’t understand that
failure is part of the price of success. You need to expect
to fail and fall short many times before you reach your goals.
That’s just how life is. Since you will have many failures on
the road to success, it is very important to learn how to
remove the obstacles, roadblocks, and bottlenecks
that are between you and your goals.

Once you have decided upon a goal, write down all
the obstacles that you think might be slowing you down.
Now focus on finding solutions to your obstacles. This
might sound simplistic, but the fact is that if you focus
all your energy into attacking your obstacles, you WILL
eliminate them and will accelerate your progress.

Einstein said that you cannot solve your problems
with the same level of thinking that created them, so you
will need help. This is where having a mentor or a coach
can help you win more.

Successful people don’t quit. They simply focus on
finding solutions to their problems. If you want the
outcome bad enough, you’ll figure out a way. And every
time you find the solution to a problem, your ‘solution-finding’
muscles get stronger. Solution finding is a skill that will
improve with use.

There are bottlenecks on the way to every goal.
Your ability to look ahead and remove bottlenecks
will help you reach your goals faster than you can
imagine. You can anticipate bottlenecks either through
your experience, or through the experience of your mentors.

Typically, 80% of the bottlenecks will be within you.
You are the biggest barrier to reaching your dreams.
Successful people understand this. That is why they
invest so much time in self-development. Successful
people understand that the better they become, the
better their results will be.

Fear and doubt are the two things that keep
most people from having the courage to succeed.
Most people simply don’t believe in themselves. That
is why the books you read and the people you associate
with can have such a huge impact in your life. One way
to overcome fear and doubt is by acquiring knowledge
and skills. If you know how to do something, you become
more confident. The knowledge comes from what you
read and from who you associate with.

Once you determine what obstacle is holding you
back, set a goal of overcoming that obstacle. By
setting a goal to remove an obstacle, you are taking
control of your life and your results and confidence
will improve. Don’t just set a goal. Set a deadline,
come up with a plan, and get to work. Once you remove
the major obstacle that is holding you back, you will start
making quantum leaps towards your goals and dreams.

Put it into action:

Identify bottlenecks that are keeping you from
achieving your goals and tackle them one by one.
Consult with your mentor or your coach on the best
plan of attack.

Ruben Gonzalez is an award-winning keynote speaker and the author of the critically acclaimed book, “The Courage to Succeed.”  His experiences as a three-time Olympian and as the owner of two businesses give him a unique perspective on how to conquer the corporate struggles of today. For his free 10-Part Success eCourse, visit www.StartWinningMore.com  or contact him at 832-689-8282.


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