By Alvin E. Terry, MBA

Business and Real Estate is my passion. This is my first of many articles to give you views on how we are being affected by our economy on a daily basis.

Working in our community in Banking and Real Estate has been a passion of mine for over 25 years. Living it and experiencing it is the only way that I can genuinely give you my accounting and opinion on how I see the present day effects. I am experiencing what you are experiencing on a daily basis.

Having a realistic focus on business and real estate activities in real time has an effect on our lives on a daily basis. Business is constantly evolving. It is a dynamic process that is diverse which contains influences from all over globe. Its’ effect on us sometimes may not be realized until hours, days, months or even years to come.

Understanding those experiences can either have a positive or a negative effect depending upon the receiver’s perception. Our personal attitudes will play a major role in our personal and business success. Many times we are forced to take a reality check on the things that affect our businesses.

Having a roadmap to guide us is very important. There may be many components to your business model, but the basic items will always be needed.

  • A Sound Business Plan
  • A Realistic Marketing Plan
  • A Business Attorney
  • A CPA
  • An Insurance Agent
  • A Banker
  • A thorough understanding of your customers and their needs
  • Adequate Startup and Working Capital
  • Corporate Branding
  • A Management Team
  • A Sales Team
  • A Can-Do attitude with the proper work ethics
  • Time Management Skills
  • A Smile

Once you have an understanding of the above components, then all you have to do is to get to work and do it.

Before we know it the New Year will bring on other great challenges. The economy is evolving in a new direction, finally. Now is the time to assess and reassess our past and present relationships. In order to evolve and emerge as a business success story we have to position ourselves with the right posturing. This posturing will allow us to manifest our dreams of Entrepreneurship.

Our desires are to be successful not just for a day, but for a sustained period of time. As this success is realized, we are not only benefiting our communities and our families but ourselves as well.

I hope these words have touched a realistic cord in you, the readers.

For comments or some limited “free” advice, I may be contacted directly 713.392.9107 or

Thank you for reading and being apart of our inaugural issue. We look forward in hearing from you.


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