Lenovo – Listening to SMBs & Providing Successful Remedies for Business Health and Future Wellness


By Mary J. West

The current health and future wellness of a business can stem from a myriad of factors. Now more than ever, businesses are dealing with challenges they have never before encountered. For them to survive and flourish, they need to consult with specialists who can empathize with their problems, really listen, and provide successful remedies. One company in particular, Lenovo, has made such a critical difference in taking the pulse of small to medium businesses (SMBs) and providing successful remedies that it has quickly risen to become the world’s largest PC company and one of the largest IT companies.

Lenovo offer all kinds of technology solutions, from smartphones and personal computers to services and complex data center solutions for businesses of all sizes; but what sets them apart is that they are focused on listening to their clients and providing them the devices, solutions, and services that help, serve, and solve their technology needs. According to Emily Ketchen, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the PC and Smart Devices Division. “Being great listeners involves several methods of collecting feedback from customers which has given us insights in how to best meet their needs.”

These insights have enabled Lenovo to devise innovations that have made it a visionary leader in electronics on the world stage. Launched in China in 1984 by a group of technologists who got their start as a small business specializing in televisions, they took the opportunity to push technology forward. Later, in 2005, they acquired the personal computer division of IBM, and that is where a number of the PC pieces came together such as the ThinkPad and ThinkBooks for SMBs. In addition, Lenovo developed consumer-based and gaming products such as Yoga and Legion. No wonder that Lenovo has become the largest, worldwide vendor of personal computers!

Lenovo, whose mission statement is “To provide smarter technology for all”, can truly relate to business owners because they too have an incredibly entrepreneurial spirit which drives both individual contributions and meaningful results. Notes Ketchen, “Lenovo has a unique entrepreneurial spirit that has led to the production of an enviable breadth of technology portfolio. It sells products in 180 countries, which includes desktop, laptop, and tablet computers, as well as smartphones, storage devices, and peripherals. The company also carries servers, supercomputers, and complex data systems solutions.”

Despite such a broad array of electronics, Lenovo’s primary goal is not to sell but to listen intently, take the pulse of the client, and serve as advisors to the businesses that are their customers. Just what is this “listening” that has propelled the company to its leadership role? It takes several forms, all of which allow it to understand, support, and provide remedies for its customers. One form is a robust insight community where Lenovo engages with more than 4,500 customers who own small and medium businesses. The community continually asks customers how things are going from a technological perspective. In addition, Lenovo has advisory councils, which are constantly hearing from customers and helping them solve their challenges.

Other listening comes in the form of research that involves focus groups and observational studies. The company also has a customer insights dashboard, a listening tool that has captured more than 20 million unsolicited comments from those who buy their products. Lenovo has harnessed information gained through these means of customer engagement to improve product features. Such innovations deliver tangible advantages, often addressing the needs of customers before they’re fully aware of them.

Because the business climate is ever-changing, it’s essential to keep a close pulse on it to keep up with the times. “One example involves this world of 24/7 collaboration where some of us are working from home,” Ketchen relates. “We thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to have a laptop that includes built-in earbuds that are charged, automatically configured, and optimized to make it easy to hop on a call or participate in a meeting?’ So we included that in our ThinkBook 15-inch laptop, a brand we specifically created for SMBs. It’s a great innovation that came about as a result of listening to customers.”

“Another example”, remarks Ketchen, “deals with hybrid working models, which are systems that allow employees to work from different locations or different times of the day. This necessitates the need of portable technology to take from the office to the home. Again, listening to our customers, we created a device called ThinkSmart View, which is an all-in-one device that handles multiple means of communication. By offering employees in different locations the opportunity to chat and interact, morale is improved, a benefit that boosts digital wellness.”

Lenovo has also taken heed to customers’ security concerns. “Because we live in an era where company hacking and customer data breeches are rampant, this feature is very important,” elaborates Ketchen. “I would say that our long-standing strategy on security is to design it into our devices, solutions, and services right from the very start. Our security is comprehensive, as it covers everything from product development to the supply chain. The idea is to give businesses peace of mind with our think security platform.” This is one more way that Lenovo keeps their clients healthy.

All of the meaningful innovations and services provided by Lenovo stem directly from attentive listening to customers and taking their pulse. Lenovo will always focus on their clients needs, first and foremost, in their strong desire to create remedies that will continue to help SMBs adapt to changing times, stay healthy, and foster growth.

For more information on how Lenovo can provide remedies for your business health and future wellness, visit them on the web at www.Lenovo.com.


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