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Barbara Davis-Levine, & John Cruise) bring more than 60 years of publishing, marketing, advertising, and small business empowerment expertise to the publication and its support services. Together, the leadership team represents a “legacy” of knowledge and a reputation for results for aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, and their growing family of satisfied clients serving the small business community.  They truly understand that “Small Business is Big Business Today!”

Friends and Loyalty Programs


By Hank Moore Friends are special. They inspire us, support us and ask us to be more and go further. Friends get close during certain periods of their lives because they are willing to share common experiences together. Friendships develop out of need or utility, out of pleasure and for the greater good. Some friendships last many years in our lives. However, most are transitory and depend upon changing circumstances. Some friendships last for seasons. Here are the kinds of friendships: People who work together. People came from somewhere else and now find themselves together. Befriended out of personal respect.…

Steve Levine


Steve Levine has more than 30 years experience in publishing, advertising and advertising sales. He founded the Metro Houston Apartment Guide, The Jacksonville Communities Guide and Perfect Wedding Guides. Steve was also directly responsible for the meteoric growth of publications such as Real Estate Executive and Homes & Land Magazine. Steve brings to Small Business Today Magazine a network of business contacts and a level of product excellence not matched by many other publications. Steve has been featured in “Who’s Who in Sales & Marketing” and “Who’s Who” in Professional Speaking”.Steve’s business expertise in providing cost efficient results and a…

John Cruise


John Cruise began his professional career in mortgage banking. He has worked for companies such as Bank United, GE Capital, Bank of America and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. His primary experience is in residential and commercial finance, secondary markets, portfolio management, sales force management and sales training. Mr. Cruise started Orion Mortgage (OMC) in 1998 and by January 2000 OMC was the largest mortgage brokerage office in the State of Texas according to the TSLD (Texas Savings & Loan Department) now named the SML (Texas Dept of Savings & Mortgage Lending). As OMC’s President Mr. Cruise built a sales team…

How and When Collaboration is Advantageous


By Hank Moore, Corporate Strategist™ The biggest source of growth and increased opportunities in today’s business climate is dependent upon the way individuals and companies work together.  This article is a follow-up to last month’s column, “Collaborations, Partnering, and Joint-Venturing.” Situations Which Call for Teams to Collaborate: Business Characteristics  Most industries and core business segments cannot be effectively served by one specialty.  It is imperative that multiple disciplines within the core business muster their resources. Circumstances People get thrown together by necessity and sometimes by accident. They are not visualized as a team and often start at cross-purposes.  Few participants…