GPS for Phenomenal Success


By Howard Partridge

Have you ever used a GPS (Global Positioning System)?  Of course you have.  GPS is used by many to get from “here to there” these days.  When I started my business almost 30 years ago, we used something called a “map,” and it was made of this interesting material called paper!

But today, we simply get out our smart phones and it gives you turn-by-turn directions to get you to your destination.  Do you know where you want to go? Are you clear about where you want to go in life and in business?  And more importantly, do you really know where you are now?

The first thing a GPS does is determine where you are.  In addition, it is the first step toward getting you where you want to go.  One of the biggest weaknesses one can have is not being able to accurately assess where they presently are.

Let’s say you want to go to your favorite spot in Florida but you have been blindfolded, driven around for hours, and dropped off by the side of an unmarked road.  Unless you know where you are, you can’t get to Florida.  The GPS picks up where you are.  Then you can type in the location in Florida and it will give you step-by-step directions to get there.

GPS – Goals, Plans, Systems

G is for Goals.  Without clearly defined goals, you will never know where you are going or if and when you will get there.  You must have clearly defined life goals and business goals.  They must be written down.  They must be yours.  They must be meaningful to you.  They must be specific and measurable.

P is for Plans.  You need a map.  Would you try to go somewhere you’ve never been without a map?  You need to have a simple business plan that includes your business goals, your mission, a 12-month budget, and a marketing plan.  It sounds like a lot but it can be really simple.  It is vital that you create a really good map and follow it closely.

S is for Systems.  You must choose what vehicles you will use on this amazing and exceedingly important journey.  Your business is a vehicle, and like any vehicle, it has a number of systems that work together to operate it.

A bicycle has the wheel system – the gears, the frame, the braking, and steering systems all work together as a system.  An automobile has a number of systems such as the combustion system, the drive-train system, and the steering system that work together.  A Boeing 747 aircraft has many systems that work together and can take a lot of people a long way!

There are five systems of a business that make up the vehicle necessary to get you where you want to go and help you stay there:

  1. Marketing – Everything you do to attract prospects.
  2. Sales – Everything you do to convert prospects into customers.
  3. Operations – Everything you do to serve your customers, clients, patients, or guests.
  4. Administration – Everything you do to track the numbers.
  5. Leadership – Everything you do to guide your business.

The stronger the systems, the smoother they work together and the better your trip will be.  It’s no fun running out of gas or breaking down on the side of the road!  It’s no fun having to rely on a vehicle that is falling apart, which is the case for many small businesses.

So, set your Goals.  Develop your Plan.  And build Systems in your business.


Howard Partridge, President of Phenomenal Products, Inc., is the author of 7 Secrets of a Phenomenal L.I.F.E. and 5 Secrets of a Phenomenal Business. You can contact Howard by phone at 281-634-0404 or visit his website at


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