Getting Organized: One Tip per Month


It’s easier to make a change in your habits if you tie the new habit to an old one. An example is changing the batteries in your smoke detectors on the same day that you change the clocks for Daylight Savings Time.

You can do the same thing with organizing; tie one organizational action per month to another and you’ve created twelve new organizational habits. Try it…it works.

The second Monday in January is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. You should be able to see the top of your desk at least once per year by clearing it off in January. Your goal each year is to keep it clear longer than the previous year.

On Valentine’s Day, remember your heart and gather all your medical records into one simple filing system. Even if it’s a simple shoebox, it’s better than having them scattered all over the house.

On March 4th, literally ‘march forth’. Review your New Year’s resolutions and take at least one action towards your goals.

As as you prepare your taxes this year, notice where you are struggling and create a simple system to fix those problems for next year. Something as basic as keeping all your receipts in one place can make next year’s tax preparation go much smoother.

On May 5th, do 5 organizational tasks that are at least 5 minutes long. It’s always easier to work in short bursts so on the 5th of May, do 5 things.

June marks the beginnings of vacation time so the first week of June, pack a travel cosmetic bag. Pack the bag with basic items (toothbrush, toothpaste, hair care products, etc.) that you you’d take on any vacation. When it’s time to pack for a trip, simply toss in your pre-packed bag.

On the Fourth of July, celebrate your freedom from disorganization by getting rid of at least four things that you no longer need or use. You don’t have to blow them up but you do have to get them out of your office.

August means back to school. On August 1, make a list of what needs to be accomplished to make the first week of school organized and stress free. Devote the first week of August to getting those tasks done.

With the advent of fall, September is the perfect time to clear your closet out and get rid of all those summer clothes you didn’t wear this year.

October means cooler weather so on October 15, pull out your Halloween yard decorations. While you’re in the garage, look at what you can donate or sell. Put the money you earn from selling items towards the purchase of holiday presents.

On November 1, make your holiday card and gift list. Ask the kids to help and make it a family project. Work towards getting all the cards and gifts purchased before Thanksgiving.

Adopt an attitude of gratitude throughout December. Adjusting your frame of mine will enable you to better handle holiday stressors; be flexible and roll with the punches. Begin to think about your goals and plans for the following year but remember to be realistic.


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