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Steve Levine

 Our November Issue



November Greetings everyone!

One of the criteria that the Small Business Today Magazine’s Publisher’s Advisory Board must con- sider in the nomination and subsequent vote for a potential cover honoree is that the nominee must demonstrate their generosity. Our cover honorees must demonstrate their generosity in how they give back to the community, their industry, and their fellow man.

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We at SMALL BUSINESS TODAY MAGAZINE have found that there is a direct link between one’s generosity and one’s success. Whether that generosity is part of their business plan or is something that is done with little or no fanfare, they are blessed when they bless others.

I often think of the quote “For whom much is given, much is expected.”

The idea of “For whom much is given, much is expected” is that we are all held responsible for what we have. If we are blessed with talents, wealth, creativity, knowledge, time, and the like, it is expected that we use them responsibly so that we glorify the Lord and benefit others.

November is typically the month that we always seem to start thinking about our blessings and how bountiful our lives are. It is only normal during this month that we think more about others.

Barbara, John, and I believe in blessing others and not expecting anything in return. Regardless, we have been blessed in return and here are a few reasons why:

• We have met and been able to share the stories of over 30 of Houston’s most successful entre- preneurs that serve as inspiration for our global readership.

• We have been able to have met so many people who want to be part of our mission to em- power aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.

• We have had the opportunity at this year’s “Business Professionals of America” Conference to be major sponsors of their state conference and competition and to witness (as judges) the creativity and passion for entrepreneurship that many of today’s high school students have.

• We have been honored with many nominations for this year’s “Houston Minority Enterprise De- velopment Week Media Recognition” for our support of minority owned businesses whether they are part of our business or just in our world.

This month’s cover honoree, Kathleen Maartens of Exhibit Network, is a prime example of someone with a caring heart and a successful business. As busy as she is, she takes time out to teach ESL every Tuesday evening. She and her husband Lenny treat their employees like family so much that they allow them to bring their babies to work. They also have a multipurpose room that comes complete with a full bathroom and is furnished with bunk beds, big screen television, computer, videos, and toys. Not only is it used as a hurricane evacuation room but it’s also a working overtime room and a sick kids’ room. Thisway,theparentsdon’thavetoworrywhentheirchildrenbecomeillandcanstillgivethemattention without having to miss work.

Please remember as you “give” this holiday season to those less fortunate than you that the hungry, thehomeless,andthedestitutearehungry,homeless,anddestituteallyearroundandnotjustduringthe

“Season of Giving.”

Have a wonderful and blessed holiday! Good Reading, Good Sales, and Great Success to You All!

Steve Levine

President/Executive Publisher, Small Business Today Magazine


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